About AffiaKeys Who Is She?


It took some time to find my feet in this niche market of blogging. Yes blogging has become a lot more popular in recent years but the technique is still something needed to be perfected.

Not a vain person I didn’t want to put myself out there with hundreds of “posed” “contrived” photos but the longer you spend on social media it is easy to get sucked into that reality. I felt as if I needed to be like these women to fit in, gain followers. Initially I was in it for the followers only because you don’t get accolades when your grafting spending hours on a piece of writing that gained zero views. I did not  want to spend time working on my content, I wanted it all to quickly. I did choose to stick at it though as I felt if nobody reads this site, at least I can show my children, give them inspiration so I kept going.

Since starting in 2014 I have learned alot about my development. My desire to write will always be there, I just need to take baby steps. My overall goal is to write a book so this is great practice for me. I love this online journal I am creating and I want you to share it with me. This blog aims to mould and challenge reader perception on industries that gain part of the economical growth from the women of this world. The goal is to create a platform that builds a community of readers who are open minded to, beauty and fashion. This growing community is now more socially aware of not only the choices they make with their money but also those behind the brands.

Therefore I am Affiakeys a black beauty blogger from South London. The name “Affia “is my first name and “Keys” because I love typing on the keyboard writing stories. I definitely love listening to musical keys all types of melodies and grooves. The piano/keyboard was also an instrument I played growing up.

I give my perspective living in South London. As a young woman whose parents are of Jamaican and ST Lucian descent. The Caribbean wind-rush in 1948 changed Britain and London as a whole, the main reason why I call myself British. I have so much more to share with my readers, so I hope you enjoyed my story and feel free to come on this journey with me.

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