Being Smart Is Not Black

2016 was a bad year for Hollywood, the movie scene was called out for lack of diversity including criticisms for the lack of black actors nominated at the 2016 awards, starting a boycott and a twitter trend #oscarssowhite. Fast forward to 2017 and the release of "Hidden Figures" a movie led by black actors Taraji … Continue reading Being Smart Is Not Black

Style Steal? – Street Style: Karrueche Tran in Karl Kani

  Street Style: Karrueche Tran in Karl Kani by marquaysab featuring a palette eyeshadow Style steal are the latest items from the hottest designers. Featured as a style set, they include some of my favourite items. Do you think this is hot or not?

Slut Shaming – Amber Rose Slut Walk

Attempting to shame Amber Rose, her ex boyfriend Kanye West declared he needed 30 showers after dating the former stripper. She was so enraged she decided to start a campaign called the slut walk a bid to end slut shaming. Muva as she likes to be called is taking all the unlikely people who get … Continue reading Slut Shaming – Amber Rose Slut Walk

Giving Up My Job For My Blog

When you are younger predicting who or what you want to be in the future seems like something you will keep putting off until you feel it is to late. Then you may begin to reflect on older looking version of yourself. Possibly working in a job you do not enjoy or you may of had … Continue reading Giving Up My Job For My Blog

Hair Trend: Lace Wigs

Weaves with a leave out piece seems so dated with the rapid introduction of lace wigs and closures. Black women who choose to wear their hair in weave used to only really be able to do a few styles. The main being a middle part with your own hair left out, a side part or … Continue reading Hair Trend: Lace Wigs

What Is Your Favourite Colour?

I always get asked my favourite colour and when I do people automatically say black before I respond. Why? Because I wear black pretty much 24/7 it's easy to assume that but I wear black for my own reasons. My favourite colour is actually orange but who can only pick one colour? I find that … Continue reading What Is Your Favourite Colour?

off shoulder jumper

off shoulder jumper by bodangela featuring off the shoulder tops I don't know what it is but I am loving the off the shoulder look recently. It could be the spring approaching or the seductive sight of a chiselled collar bone, but Mustard yellow is always a staple. Checkout this cute style steal featuring Versace … Continue reading off shoulder jumper

Should I Join YouTube?

YouTube is massive now, due to the rise of smartphones and music streaming. As a fan of videos, I found a website that I could watch almost any video, I wanted to see old or new. I am completely obsessed with the video sharing site. Now I consider YouTube to be one of the best alternatives … Continue reading Should I Join YouTube?

Currently Listening To: Slide by Calvin Harris featuring Frank Ocean and Migos

Musical playlists are a funny thing, because your choice to put a song on a personal playlist depends on how much that song has resinated on you. When I listened to Calvin Harris's "Slide" I knew almost instantly it had to be on my playlist. After Frank Ocean humorously opened the song with; Intro: Frank … Continue reading Currently Listening To: Slide by Calvin Harris featuring Frank Ocean and Migos