Drake More Life: A Playlist by October Firm

“More tunes for your headtop so watch how you speak on my name”

Drake - More Life cover art

Drake – More Life features his father Dennis Graham sporting a glorious mustache, a big-ass bow tie, silk noragi, and pipe.

Finally, I got the chance to sit and listen to “More Life: A playlist by October Firm” by rap artist Drake.

It was Released March 18th 2017. And already I can’t get over how well the album has done, breaking streaming records and becoming his seventh album to reach the number 1 spot.

Funny because some girls them think his cheesy, whilst the mandem think his soft. But Drake is not your usual rapper his a romantic I think. His influence is old love songs with a retro style. I feel he makes music for the real romantics like me that loved the kool slow jams from the 80’s n 90’s era.
The Canadian rapper is unloyal to the typical American slang and usual Hip Hop motifs, instead picking up and clearly favouring music from the UK and Jamaica. Featuring artists such as Gigs, Skepta and Popcaan.His use of jamaican patois and UK slang alone shows how influenced he is by the culture, understanding just how the two fuse together. Using words like “waste man” “blem” “switch up” “forward” “endz” “buss up” and “bruddas.” He is fearless in alienating his mainstream American audience with this flow and I love it. More life is described by Drake as a playlist for life.  The perfect fit with cultural sounds and with 22 songs you are bound to find one you would like.

Here are a few of my favourite tracks below;

  1. Free Smoke
  2. Passion fruits
  3. Get it together
  4. Madiba Riddim
  5. Blem
  6. Gyalchester
  7. Portland features vocals by Travis scott and quavo and is another really good song.
  8. KMT featuring Giggs
His music is unapologetically black and I love that he had so many black musical influences. R&B, Dancehall, Afro beats, Hip Hop. Commercially Drake has success but on stages like the Grammys his snubbed to be just a rapper. He has yet to break down the barriers but for sure right now his making sure we have “More tunes for your headtop so watch how you speak on my name” (Aubrey “Drake” Graham)

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