Are You a Cat Lover?

Cats in Fashion

This post is for my cat lovers, those that literally think their cats are the cutest little things in the world. Personally I am more of a BIG cat lover myself but I can appreciate fashion and the motifs it brings.

Initially my first thought when I saw cats on the fashion runway was “really.” Then I thought of Ancient Egypt and their obsession with the slinky feline so I thought why not I will write about it because I do love to connect fashion and history. Looking back in history the first people to value and domesticate cats were the Ancient Egyptians. Seen as a sign of fertiltly and protection, Bastet goddess is one of the most recognised deity.

Fashion is innovative and it always drew me to want to gain a better understanding about these designers influences. The cat draws significance to Ancient Egypt and the goddess Baset. The cat represents feminine energy which may suggest why it was chosen by these romantic loving designers to feature on their clothes.

For those that enjoy posting pictures of your favourite furry little friends designers have jumped on it as a trend. Alessandro Michele the creative genius heading up the Gucci brand has been fearless with his use of motifs from florals, tigers to cats he single handily could be changing the face of todays fashion.

Cats in fashion

Marc Jacobs Resort 2017

Bastet Goddess

Bast was the ancient Egyptian goddess of protection and cats. She was the daughter of Ra, the sun god.

What do you think? Do you love cats enough to have them emblazoned across your clothing?

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