The Bomb Life Could Be My Life

I find it so cliche when I hear a female say “I love fashion,” Shouldn’t we all as women love fashion?
I believe just like everything else there are levels to an individuals love. Some may love fashion so much they will go without food or water just for the latest Givenchy hand bag. Alternatively like me, you may love fashion for the looks, the way the clothes make you feel.
Initially when I wanted to start a “fashion” blog I was hesitant. Yes I enjoy writing and I love looking at fierce pictures with stylish outfits, beautiful hair and make up. But to put myself out there is a big deal. My mum always said “fashion is vain you will have people watching you” and she was right my first job was a blood bath and I did not fit in. But I want to write, I want a blog, I want to talk about my favorite things then a friend of mine put me in touch with fashion bomb daily and the influential Claire Sulmers.
I gazed at pictures of Claire pre blond dreads, post blond drends, I looked at her disportionate frame including her large breast and thought wow she is amazing. She is so confident I couldn’t believe with all the ‘negative’ stereotypes society put on black women she was fearless. She smiled she wore her stilettos and fabulous outfits and grew from each piece of negative criticism. I wanted to know her story, what made her start fashion bomb daily how easy writing was to her.
Because although for me writing is something I love to do there are times I feel like I am not very good at it. I mean I didn’t go to any fancy university or school that pushed me grammatically. I feel as if my writing is flawed with grammatical errors but still i push on. It could just be my subconscious fishing for a compliment. Whatever it was Claire wrote about the things I wish I could. I found out she went to Harvard university and immediately understood her talents.
Ivy League schools in America are big and I am not sure what it is equivalent to in London but she had to be brainy. Eventually she wrote her debut book “The Bomb Life” and I absolutely loved it. She was open about her education honest about her finances struggles and very real when it comes to life distractions, her social life and love life had to be sacrificed.
At the time I would of loved for Claire to give me some advice tell me what to write about explain to me how to start a blog but I am learning now it is an individual thing, something personal to me. If I write about what I love and the readers love it that’s a bonus but right now to me I need pratice. So here’s to 2017 becoming a better writer and not being so much in my head about what I should be writing.

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