Black Model Jourdan Dunn Collaborates with UK Brand Missguided


As a Super model turned mother Jourdan Dunn has often been criticised for her super slim appearance. Striking concerns of eating disorders and ill heath. Yet in the late era it has become a thing for models to be fit not necessarily slim. Dunn created a collection to do just that, a mix of athletic-luxe sportswear called Londunn X Missguided focusing on inspiring confidence in women around the world. Designed to flatter any woman’s body shape and empower.

Sportswear has literally exploded into 2017 as the must have fashion pieces and I am literally here for it. Brands like Adidas, Nike and Reebok have been tapping all types of celebrities for some sort of collaboration or creative director positions. Women in athletic wear now appear a lot more sexy and hopefully encourages women to move more and beat the bulge.


This is an amazing opportunity for both Jourdan Dunn and Missguided, firstly the model is now able to branch away from the short lived career of modelling but then for Missguided a company founded in 2009 is a step closer to becoming known on a global scale.

Missguided Behind The Brand

Entrepreneurship is one of my passions and I was most intrigued to find out more about popular women’s brand Missguided, it seemed as if it came from nowhere but all of a sudden became the go to site for price conscious millenials at the start of 2010. Get to know more about the brand Missguided below.

The fashion outlet was founded by CEO Nitin Passi in 2009 with a £50k investment. Even after rapid growth and enormous success, Passi remains the sole owner of the company which I find very admirable because running a business alone is not easy. So who knows the difficulties of running a multi million dollar company. (something I hope to experience one day…)
Starting a successful business I am beginning to sit more with the feeling is about luck. Yes you also need the money and contacts which I will get into later but really it is a seed of luck that births companies. Missguided was born after the UK recession perfect timing.
The gap was right there in the market. After the recession all growth was online. Which is what led my passion for ecommerce to grow. Companies like asos where the only type of fashion sites with volume online. Things you wouldn’t always see in the store. Hey I started shopping online just to find my size I was tired of always shifting through size 8-12? The bigger sizes are always sold out.
Therefore this was more than a good time for Nitin Passi to launch a value-focused retail brand online. Stories like this always lead me to research the ‘How’s?’
“How do we get that big investment to launch a business?” For people like myself the answer would be Never. But for Passi the investment came from his father, who successfully already run his OWN import business. This is my point and I will continue to make, it is harder for the black community to dream of ideas like this because we start from nowhere. Half our parents aren’t even educated yet alone owners of million dollar companies so where does our big break come?
I make these points because Missguided target market is 16-35 year old women seeking cheap fashion a majority of these women are like me. Seeking high end looking pieces at the low end of the high street price point. You can not go online today without some sort of women’s brand promoting fast and easy fashion. It has become a culture where social media is the advertiser. This is all good for those benefitting from the platform but I can’t help but feel, even with all the opportunity on social media and the desire for fast fashion, black entrepreneurs will still struggle.

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