Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj


The Hip Hop queens have spoken and the battle is on between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj. Even though the battle started almost two weeks ago I still felt it relevant to write about on the blog. How did this battle start a lot of people wanted to know?


Well, Remy Ma decided to bring it to Nicki Minaj in a track entitled “Shether” after she grew tired of Nicki Minaj’s subtle digs to her and allegedly attempting to sabotage her reinvigorated rap career by refusing to show up to award shows where Remy Ma was or just being down right shady. Now one can argue the pettiness of Remy Ma to attack Minaj with such malice when the beef is over something so small. But I guess for someone like Remy Ma she is trying to get it in where she can since her jail release and doesn’t want anyone to mess that up.

Here are some of the lyrics below:

But you saw a opportunity ’cause you a opportunist
Left your Day 1 ’cause you heard he was on some cheat shit
Then got with the dude that told you on some creep shit
But what happened to Onika? Nah, on some G shit
Left him and took a pic with the dude he had beef with?
And we all know it was a beef that you started
Pillow-talking out of your ass,

I’m the bad girl and she the one out here misleading the black girls
All these fake asses influenced by that girl
Dying from botched surgeries, what a sad world
But before the butt job, you was a Spongebob
Sucking cock for records, captain of the cum squad







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