Tips To A Sexier You

img_5804img_5801img_5802_2Do you find that as you get older you become more self critical? I did, and it’s not the same immature reasons you may have criticised yourself for as a teenager. With the rise in social media and the instagram “IT” girls, taking the perfect selfies, in outfits matched to a T, make us regular girls question. Are we doing enough? Are we sexy? If the answer to those questions are no, what do we need to do to feel sexy?
Looks are superficial, but are a major part of how you are treated. Unfortunately we were born to look how we look, which means the chances of changing things like our nose, head shape, jaw or mouth is pretty unrealistic other than shelling out £5k plus for plastic surgery. Which is something I am not even about to get into. I find the things below help me.
  1. Diet – Aphrodisiacs

08-aphrodisiac-foods-watermelon.jpg Watermelons04-aphrodisiac-foods-chocolate.jpgChocolate17-aphrodisiac-foods-cherries.jpg Cherries03-aphrodisiac-foods-avocado.jpgAvocado18-aphrodisiac-foods-pumpkin-seeds.jpg

Pumpkin seeds
Thinking about it now the myth surrounding love potions  and spells in fairytales was most likely what we consider today to be called an aphrodisiac.
The nature of an aphrodisiac is a food, drink or other thing that stimulates sexual desire. So get some chocolate, cherries, pumpkin seeds and avocado into your diet and see if you notice anything different.
2.  Activewear
What we decide to wear during the day determines how ‘active’ we are able to be. Jeans are restricting you are unable to run for that bus, or bend down low to pick something up that we dropped with ease.  A lot of girls consider gym wear strictly for the gym, you can only dress in sporty clothing if you are sporty. I say that is a lie. Active clothing was made for a reason, for us to be active, you can choose to be active by just going for a walk. So get moving in some comfortable sporty clothes and you are due to feel great.
3. Nails – Hands and Feet
To feel sexy, a woman, I believe needs to be groomed, that means nails, skin and hair must be looked after. Manicures and pedicures are particularly important because the hands and feet make a woman look feminine. No man wants to see a woman with chewed up fingernails and crooked toes. So get your nails done and keep your hands and feet as smooth as a babies bottom.
4. Pj’s and Lingerie
Go to bed in something that feels sexy, silky sets, lace or even a set that just matches will improve the way you feel at nighttime. Usually in the morning we tend to look at ourselves in the mirror. If you see a cute night dress or some sexy nightwear looking back at you immediately your morning should feel brighter.
5. Love Yourself
The chances of your looks changing are very slim to none. So why dwell on things you can not change. Forget about what others look like and even think. Look in the mirror at yourself and love you because nobody won’t love you as much as you can love yourself.

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