Matthew Knowles – The DNA of Acheivers Book 10 keys to success

A superstar is an individual that is able to inspire. To be a star is a blessing but to nurture their super is a skill. Dance and music is my inspiration and I love to research and find out how the music industry works, because anyone can be born with talent but do you have the keys to become a star.

Notoriously private Beyonce had mentioned bits and bobs about her childhood in the press. “Things like my father managed us,” “my father gave up his job to manage us.”
Me being inquisitive and loving music and dance I wanted to know how this black girl group did it. Slamming vocals, synchronized movements and dance steps I wanted to know there formula. Quickly I figured it was Matthew Knowles and Tina Knowles who were the key to these girls success.
One thing about success is that it favors the loyal. Father to Superstar Beyonce, Mathew Knowles wrote a book illustrating his 10 DNA traits that can make anyone successful and I just had to read.
1. Passion
2. Vision
3. Work ethic
4. Team building
5. Planning
6. Talk-to-do Ratio
7. Risk Taking
8. Learning from failure
9. Giving back
10. Thinking Outside the box
The book was a real interesting read as Matthew Knowles gave real stories and examples behind his 10 keys to success. I won’t go through all the 10 points because it is pretty long winded but at the end of the day I believe the book illustrates just how hard it is to be successful.
After reading I laughed to myself, when regular people judge celebrities, now I am not talking about the petty things like ,”oh her hair isn’t real?” “is her butt real?”
Those comments yet laughable need to be wear the line is drawn. Because when it comes to a persons character I think people need to draw the line. If you was not there when the person grew up or fail to do some credible research to back your claims then your comments are merely an opinion. Opinions are non progressive in an argument because they lack facts yet still there given.
Rumors were rife in the media about sour relations between Beyonce Knowles, her sister Solange and Mother Tina had all fallen out with Papa Knowles. Due to infidelity and divorce the family was torn apart and most people loved it. It’s like I don’t want to be standing for Beyonce but firstly I don’t like when everybody jumps on the medias negativity but if you oppose the media you’re negative and secondly people that judge others with no empathy. Empathy that word means so much but people don’t use or understand it at all.
It may have been a decision to silence the haters or a chance to push some positivity out there but all in all I believe the book to be a great foundation for those passionate about following a dream and unsure of which steps to take.

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