Drake More Life: A Playlist by October Firm

"More tunes for your headtop so watch how you speak on my name" Finally, I got the chance to sit and listen to "More Life: A playlist by October Firm" by rap artist Drake. It was Released March 18th 2017. And already I can't get over how well the album has done, breaking streaming records … Continue reading Drake More Life: A Playlist by October Firm

Are You a Cat Lover?

This post is for my cat lovers, those that literally think their cats are the cutest little things in the world. Personally I am more of a BIG cat lover myself but I can appreciate fashion and the motifs it brings. Initially my first thought when I saw cats on the fashion runway was "really." … Continue reading Are You a Cat Lover?

Style Steal? – Balmain Army: F/W ’16 Uniforms

  Balmain Army: F/W '16 Uniforms by nicole-trail featuring Balmain Style steal are the latest items from the hottest designers. Featured as a style set, they include some of my favourite items. Do you think this is hot or not?