Yeezy Season 5 X Fall 2017 rtw

Kanye Wests fashion show is one of my hotly anticipated events of the year. I love the designers flair for grandeur and excitement however this New York Fashion week was slightly different. If you recall Kanye West has never had a good relationship with the media. “His the big bad wolf.” With that being sad the media tore apart his Spring 2017 show at Roosevelt Park. His models fainted, garments were unfinished the list of complaints went on. Then fast forward to Paris fashion week and his wife Kim Kardashian became a victim of an burglary. Stressful enough? No, because Kanye West then begun ranting against his hip hop “friends” Jay Z and Drake and the world believed he had actually gone MAD. Really the rapper was seriously unwell, he was diagnosed with psychosis, where he suffered such impaired thoughts and emotions he lost all sense of reality and began to perceive and interpret things different from those around him. The life of a celebrity is stressful enough but when you are trying to break down barriers in industries that do nothing but criticise it has finally taken its toll.

With that New York Fashion week rolled on and Kanye had a season 5 collection to show. He opted for a more scaled back affair with invitations going out 2 hours before the show begun. Originally he opted for a no camera policy and spectators were not allowed to take pictures or post anything on social media. Then he boldly decided half an hour before the show begun to ban all media photography all together. The rapper wanted the focus to be solely on the work he has put in to make the collection, and please the carefully selected buyers and editors he had in the audience. Now I can’t lie I do hope one day I will be considered elite enough to be invited to a Yeezy show but hey until then here are some pics from the show.

Kanye created stable waterproof jackets, fur coats and an update on his Yeezy footwear which looks great and refreshing. He is also being praised for including muslim model Halima Aden in the show.

He definitely enjoys making shearling style fur coats which is a stable piece in his collections. This time though the designer appeared to created more realistic and wearable pieces.

More pieces from Yeezy season 5 including caps as accessories.

It would not be a Yeezy show without a khaki colour palette.


Burgundy is looking like a trending colour for Fall 2017, the way it just makes these Yeezy designs pop. You can see Kanye has put a lot more work into this collection.

Who can forget Kanye’s authentic love for denim, with a touch of shearling for flair.

Overall this has to be one of my favourite Kanye West collections, because you can see how seriously he wants to be taken  as a designer with these thought out outfits. He banished the outrageous nude pieces with a more subtle and definitely cohesive collection. Featuring items that can actually be worn by the everyday individual. Tracksuit bottoms, jeans and jackets are all thats really worn in the fall/winter and this collection I believe will be the most wearable yet.

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