Denman Brush My Recommendation


The Denman brush is dated, it has been around for years, yet a recent resurgence in black women embracing their natural hair meant this brush became the go to for all the natural sisters, transitioning and taming their natural curls.
This brush has been a fixture on my mothers dressing table for as long as I could remember, but I never owned one. I doubted that it was a brush that could help me tame my 4c afro hair so I left it. I must mention I was always put off by the price tag, it confused me why a brush would cost more than £5.
A few months ago I gave in and decided to purchase one and I honestly can say it was the best decision I have ever made. My hair is 4c, I experience really bad shrinking after washing and for some reason I would comb my hair and it was still frizzy.
Therefore I decided if I wanted to take my natural hair seriously and tame the frizz. I needed a good brush and this brush did just that.
-Its great for stretching the hair
-Great for detanglling
-Keeps the hair soft
Overall my hair has been a lot softer since using this brush. Now I couldn’t just leave it at that… No,no,no, I like to know who runs the companies of my favorite brands. Where it is manufactured, how long the company has been running.
So here it goes; made and manufactured in the Northern Ireland the first Denman hairbrush was invented by John Denmanin 1938. However it did not get popping until the swinging sixties through Vidal Sassoon’s revolutionary blow-drying techniques.

Today, Denman manufactures in excess of 400,000 brushes and combs each month from its Northern Ireland based factory. As a family-owned company, Denman International aims to continue working with leading hairdressers and barbers within the industry to launch innovative and exciting professional tools.

What are your thoughts on the Denman Brush?

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