Do You Need A Wig?

Good or Bad, wigs come with a lot of stereotypes and a lot of history. It is considered by many a beauty tool, an accessory to the bald headed black woman, a way out for the lazy. But sometimes things often criticised and judged benefit, us better than we can imagine.

Growing up to me there was only one type of wig. That horrible synthetic hair your Grandma wore, it may of reminded you as a cat, it did to me. The naive old me thought it was only bald or elderly women that wore wigs but by the mid 2000’s I was ready to own my own. I was hesitant due to the perception around me that, wigs looked fake and fell off easily. How to buy an authentic wig? is a topic for another day. But as I hear so many taboos and misconceptions about why women actually where wigs. I felt the need to address the topic and share my five major reasons why.


Let's Talk Hair

It is assumed that women who wear wigs, choose so because they do not love and appreciate their own natural hair. This may be the case for a small minority but not the majority.

Wearing a wig or weave gives our natural hair a break from daily maintenance routines that may cause damage and weaken the hair such as combs/brushes, heat, bad weather and daily styling.

With natural hair it is easy to wake up in the morning and feel like you are having a bad hair day. So imagine the daily stress of ensuring your hair is plaited for bed at night, you slept with your silk scarf on, and now the morning means tweaks, retwisting and placing your hair in a bun. However you decide to style your hair, if it is not in a protective style you most likely would have to do something to it most mornings. And as black people are notorious for not arriving on time that extra 15 minutes in the mirror doing your hair is a pain.

Having the natural hair well moisturised  and can rowed under a wig is perfect when it comes to protecting natural hair.



If we can change the colour of our lips and eye lids why not switch it up so that our hair matches. Women like to play around with how they look, it also depends on our moods but as feminine creatures the world of beauty enchants us. Even as far back into history as it goes women have used combs and wigs to style there hair.

In line with my initial point which was wigs protect our natural hair, wigs and weaves give women room to play around with length, color, and texture without worrying about having to interfere, damage or even mess up our natural hair.

At times we just want a fresh new look and wigs/weaves help us achieve this.

3. To Reduce Hair Loss and Scalp Tension


Some styles look pretty but have a devastating effect on the hair line, length of our hair, and even the texture and quality. It again refers back to my first point of protective styling.   Keeping the hair out of the way and away from damage. Because lets face it the more you put your hands in your hair the chances are it will get damaged. Ever wondered why dread locs grow way past peoples waist. Low maintenance styles protect your hair, as boring as they may be. Another reason to invest in a good wig.

4. Cost Effective


I don’t know about some of you but I hate giving my money to hairdressers. Correction, hairdressers who have no imagination, and look at me like I am crazy when I give them my elaborate choice of hairstyle. Who then goes on and does not do my hair how I had envisioned, or who decide to charge you a price that your just not feeling.

Paying a high price for a good quality wig would mean less trips to the hairdressers per month and even better less money to be spend on hair. All you need to invest in is a quality wig maker and wig stand.

5. They just look BOMB


I don’t care what negative is spoken on the wig, it is the one thing that protects my precious natural locks. I think they can jazz up any outfit, occasions or opportunity. Take a look below at some of the women who have made the wig look infamous.

"American Idol" Judges And Host Photo Call

Nicki Minaj




Blac Chyna


Lil Kim


Naomi Campbell


Tyra Banks



Solange yellow - Let's Talk Hair

Solange Knowles

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu



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