Don’t Touch My Hair

“Asking to touch a Black woman’s hair is a racial microaggression masquerading as a compliment.”(Saint Records)
The beauty of a black womans hair is now looked at as a fantasy. Something mysterious that can not be tamed. The hair is nappy, frizzy, unmanageable, yet it looks so beautiful when conditioned right.
Hairstyles created from natural hair are mesmerising not interesting. Our ancestors have used combs and brushes for years to manage the hair

But seriously why don’t we want people touching our hair. It is so many things


-Personal Space

-Scalp tension

-Fear of getting the hair messy

A black woman walking the streets in Britain with an Afro bold as brass, would literally be as shocking as someone walking the streets naked.

Not because an Afro compares to a naked body but it just never happens. In Britain I would say, afros, black hair is not something acknowledged in the mainstream media.

The British weather I must admit is not great for natural afro hair as the cold winds and constant drizzle of rain can be very drying to the hair, which leads to shedding and breakage but is this an excuse really?

“Don’t Touch My Hair” sees Solange setting limits to the degree in which she’ll compromise her beliefs and identity to satisfy other people.

I’m right with her.

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