Nadia Rose – Talks Reppin Croydon


Young sassy and talented Nadia Rose is not your stereotypical ‘pop’ star but she’s coming for that title. Hailing from my hometown Croydon she has been labelled one to watch.

 With an Effortless swag and quirky bars, it’s easy to fall in love with her and her personal sense of style. Staying true to herself and her sweet girl look with two hair buns featuring a braid in the middle.
It’s not easy to make it in such a male dominated industry particularly rapping but she has swooped in and made it hers. “Every time I write a bar I’ve got to make sure that I believe in that one singular bar so when I go to perform it – it’s true. It comes from the start; I have to be believing in what I’m producing because if I don’t its evident when I come to share it you know what I mean?” Says Stormzys little cousin.
FROM PROCESSING betting slips at Ladbrokes to dominating a Glastonbury stage, the ascension of Nadia Rose is a timeless story of a city girl who took a gamble to see her big dreams realised. In another example of following your dreams she described going to work and university something that pleased her Ghanian mother and Jamaican father. But didn’t make her happy so she quit and decided to follow music full time.
0642e3980b15100b087dd1f99a2429a6.jpgsection boyz
Krept n Konan

Croydon is an area full of talented people artistically. If you attend a school in Croydon you will see how big of an influence music has had on us The Spice Girls, Usher, Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah, Jay Z the list was endless. The connection to US Hip Hop and Croydon is crazy. Rose’s due success follows in the same trend of talented acts from the Thornton Heath area, which include rap duo Krept & Konan, Section Boyz and Rose’s cousin, Stormzy.


Commenting on the unprecedented achievements of her fellow ‘Thornton Heathers’ over the last year, she jokes about the many theories floating around including the suggesting that the musical talent is courtesy of the food served at the local chicken shop Morley’s.


Regardless of where the talent is coming from Thornton Heath/Croydon is bringing fire to the grime music scene and I predict we are only getting started. There are definitely some sleeping giants about to be woken up.

Nadia Rose’s latest album Highly Flammable is available for download on iTunes and Spotify. You can keep up with her journey on Twitter @Nadiarosemusic


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