Heritage Hair – Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots
1. Style is protective
2. Gorgoues curls
3. Finished result is a head full of springy bouncy curks
4. Does not require much manipulation

How To: http://blackhairmedia.com/natural-hair/tips-for-perfecting-a-bantu-knot-out/

  • Start with detangled well moisturised hair. No dryness will achieve the look you require
  • Always do bantu knots on dry hair- It sometimes takes longer than a night for hair to dry
  • Create sections according to the final look you want. If you want to show your length, or have loose waves rather than defined curls make between two and four sections.
  • If you want large curls create 6-8 sections and for tight, springy curls do 10+ sections.
  • Pineapple at night to preserve the curls. After a full day of sporting your curly look,
  • Pin the hair upon the top of your head (or use a large ponytail holder) and wrap the sides with a scarf.

I also sleep on a satin pillowcase to ensure my hair does not suffer. In the morning, pull the hair down with your fingers and style, your curls will be just as cute as the previous day, if not cuter!


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