Gentle Romantics

Gentle Romantics
It literally feels like this fashion month has flown by. This is my second time covering looks straight from the runway, and I have to say I feel like I have conquered it a lot better this time. How do you think I have done?
Anyway moving on to Milan the character of the shows had the serine beauty you would expect to get out of a country with a romantic view to life.
Childs play D&G
Versace was bold with a throwback to the 90’s! Dontalla layered red on top of red, for a fiery presence her sexy knee high boots also added a lot more edge.
Versace an ode to the 90's
North West front row tantrums would not have turned heads at Dolce & Gabanna show as the collection was an ode to ‘momma.’ I loved the headphone accessories.
Fendi introduced plenty of puff and fluff with huge padded coats and fur lined boots with a crystal heel, similiar to the shoes from the gucci runway.
My favourite for the fourth season running was Moschino, the way Jeremy Scott infuses humor, personality, and culture into his collections are inspiring.
bts moschino fall 2015
‘Ready to bare’ I am ready to bare my soul into ensuring you all know what ‘society’ is dictating us to wear…


Moschino black handbag £580 –

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