Kanye West X Adidas Originals Fall 2015

Kanye x Adidas 23

New York Fashion Week was the latest stage for Kanye West to be his visually expressive self.

Kanye x Adidas 28

His debut collection with adidas “Kanye West x Adidas Originals” was packed with the star’s closest friends and family to watch the rappers 50 piece collection hit the runway. Let’s take a look to see if he did not disappoint.

West celebrated the female form using women of all shapes and sizes breaking another of fashions infamous stereotypes. His first is that he should not be a designer because he is a rapper. *shrugs* The models wore sheer under hosiery wear as leggings, using a natural skin coloured toned. I did like his use of jackets introducing fur lined coats and camouflage print jackets.

His collection was made for the streets with Kanye stating “I’m here to crack the pavement.”

The motif I picked up on though was the vulnerability and the illusions of nudity. The rapper is seen as the black sheep of the fashion industry. Yet the idea of nudity plays on the connotation of a Wolf.

Kanye x Adidas 24

The obvious attribute of the wolf is its nature of a predator, it is strongly associated with danger and destruction. The wolf is a symbol of the warrior. mixed with their vulnerabilty that they can only be out at night time. Read more about the mythyolgical side here: http://www.chadstuemke.com/cat_1/dogman-of-michigan/

Kanye x Adidas 25

For those interested in his menswear see more images below:

So what we do think about Yeezy’s latest venture will you be purchasing items this fall?

image credit:style.com

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