Prints Are Big This Summer

Prints Are Big This Summer by affiakeys featuring a mini skirt Floral made an edgy turn on the runway and as always flowers are perfect for summery afternoons. From printed shoes to bra lets and skirts, these are a few of my favourite floral statement pieces.

Flares Fever! Are You Digging The Trend?

  Flares Fever! Are You Digging The Trend? by affiakeys featuring high-waisted pants Flares are back, according to the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Balmain. Although not a fan of the denim flares. I do like the silohette of flares to here are my top picks.

Alexander Wang Declares Black Is Back

Alexander Wang blended the mood of a cold New York winters night with a gothic all black collection for his 2015 Fall Ready-To-Wear collection. I literally am obsessed with black clothing because it symbolises a lot, sophistication, glamour, sexiness and edge. Studded pearls were the main aesthetic of the clothing, I thought it added a … Continue reading Alexander Wang Declares Black Is Back