Vaseline My Recommendation


Do you have a hand bag or pocket essential product? An item so handy it sees you through your daily activities, no I am not talking about your mobile phone. What I am referring to is petroleum jelly made famous by the brand Vaseline.


I cannot remember a time not using Vaseline; from chapped lips whilst waiting for a bus, to a sore nose from the constant rubbing from tissues. Vaseline is a staple cosmetic product. It gives dry skin moisture. If you have never used it before you most certainly are missing out; the versatility of this product is amazing.


Naturally you want to carry around a product that enhances your beauty whilst maintaining comfort, Vaseline does just that. Petroleum jelly is used today as an ingredient in skin lotions and cosmetics, providing skin care and protection. I remember by mother used to slabber the stuff on my skin if ever I had fallen over. The biggest cosmetic impact Vaseline has is the reduction of moisture loss, it makes the skin glisten and shine once applied. It prevents chapped hands and lips and softens nail cuticles. If you look in the make-up bag of any make-up artist, I guarantee they would have some type of petroleum based product to ensure the models do not show any visible signs of skin distress during gruelling photo shoots.

vaseline hair advert

What I find most intriguing about Vaseline is the fact this brand took petroleum jelly and made it universal. The reference of Vaseline factors into my life humorously it’s a part of my everyday conversations; you take a tub out your pocket friends say “Can I use some of your Vaseline?” It is social something you can share. Originally marketed in 1872 for cuts and burns the brand has now come along way. The name of the product is petroleum jelly the brand to buy Vaseline.

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