The Girl Who Stayed Home

Erica Wright who we know as Erykah Badu never wanted to be a celebrity she said in 2007. "My first job is not music. I love it; I especially love to perform, especially here. I’m an artist by religion. I paint, draw, sew, design clothes, sculpt, build and raise children. Music is a great way … Continue reading The Girl Who Stayed Home

The Black Woman’s Struggle (Hair Talks)

I have admitted in the past to be a lover of hair weaves and extensions, there was a time I would not have been seen dead without some type of add on or extension piece attached to my hair. We should all know about Chris Rocks movie good hair! and it led me to ask … Continue reading The Black Woman’s Struggle (Hair Talks)

Head Of Locs

Dreadlocks have revinveted themselves since its matted association with the rastafarian movement. A style often left unkept and left to leave the hair to its natural tresses has been reinforced. Their is no denying that the style is for the naturally more conscious women however have faux locks are aksi an option. Adding colour is … Continue reading Head Of Locs

Alice Coachman Davis, was the first black woman to win an Olympic gold medal. She died this week after suffering a cardiac arrest at the age of 90.The world of sport today is made up of a gloriously diverse group of people, but when Alice Coachman Davis won Olympic gold, she made headlines not only … Continue reading