Business as usual for Mr and Mrs Carter.

They have a tour to promote, tickets to sell and a relationship to survive. Directed by Malina Matsoukas, Run featuring Jay-z & Beyonce is just a modernised version in my opinion of the music video 03 Bonnie and Clyde starring the couple. Which I find pretty funny considering the two did not admit they was a couple in that video, however, fast forward 11 years and Beyonce is kneeling next to a gunshot wounded Jay-Z, ending with a kiss on his lips. The rapper also kisses and gropes her thigh. The short promo clip is about a relationship with two fugitive bad guys on the run. Jay Z, most likely being the ring leader and Beyonce that ever so loyal ride or die partner. Running away from the police.Mr. & Mrs. C tapped Hollywood’s finest to pull a cameo in it, Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Emmy Rossum, Guillermo Dìaz of “Scandal”, and Rashida and Kidada Jones 

I mean after the whole fishy Solange incident, the prayer Beyonce posted and the statement they released, I kind of hoped the couple laid low for a bit. This video release to me is tainted, the irony of Beyonce holding a machine gun firing shots at her enemies, to then be running from shots away from a police officer is a bit too much to stomach right now. I mean Beyonce we saw you in the elevator video you are not about that life. It was Bad timing this has to be the first time I have seen cracks in the Carter’s well put together shell.

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