by Affia Keys

Jay Z referred to religion as something similar to a personal computer when asked about is gold chain that has recently caused a great deal of controversy. ‘racist against whites’ the Huffington Post wrote. The gold chain has the symbol from the five percent nation a religious organisation who believe God is man and Earth. It is branched off the similar concept from the nation of Islam, who branded the white man the devil.

When asked if it meant something the rapper said ‘a little bit’

Personally I thought the chain was dope, now i know its meaning it is even better.

Religion is personal and not everybody feels free to express their views unless their religion is mainstream then they don’t shut up.

I do not believe in religion, to me no matter how much the human race branch out and call themselves different believers. At the end of the day there is only one creator which means theres only one truth our job is enlighten ourselves. Live good and live righteous lives.

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