Oui Oui Rihanna in Lui

Mario Sorrenti does what he does best capturing the beauty of naked female bodies. His latest shoot featuring Rihanna for Lui magazine had one theme tan lines. Not sure if they were real but they were highly accentuated and very visible. The singer poses topless for the cover wearing a bucket style hat holding a … Continue reading Oui Oui Rihanna in Lui

Solange For ASOS

Effortlessly stylish is Solange Knowles posing for the cover and feature spread in Asos magazine. As one of the UK’s largest ecommerce based website the growth of Asos has seen its appeal cultivate internationally. Solange style just like Asos has evolved throughout her growth, she has always been eccentric stating to the magazine “I might … Continue reading Solange For ASOS

Relationship Medicine

Mood of the moment: Relationships can be difficult, I find it funny though when we as women are reluctant to address what we have done wrong or what we could of done better in the situation. Don’t get me wrong some men are jerks but what I have learnt men are simple and usually they … Continue reading Relationship Medicine

Braids Blunder

Marie Claire face twitter backlash after calling Kendall Jenner’s braided hair Bold, New and Epic. If you are familiar with afro hair these braids would be plaited by your home girl when you was tired of trying to comb your afro back into a hair band. As they always say black culture is never recognised … Continue reading Braids Blunder

Food For Thought?

by Affia Keys How much fast food do you consume? Did you know a single big mac from Mcdonalds has 43% of salt. It is no wonder we have seen such a rise in obesity and diabetes. Mcdonalds sell 2.5 million burgers a day, 900 million a year across 36 countries. Imagine you are starving … Continue reading Food For Thought?