BTS Mrs Carter Show Wardrobe

by Affia Keys

Meet Ty Hunter and Raquel, fashion and wardrobe stylists for Beyoncé. As her stage costumes become ever so important, these two are responsible for sourcing iconic looks for the star.

I think its great Beyonce has been mixing her wardrobe up whilst on tour. The current wardrobe is pretty much flawless she looks fresh and up to date with current trends.

These two source the best designs, based on the look Beyonce likes for a particular segment in the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if designers were falling over backwards to get their designs worn onstage by the star.

Once the designers submit the sketches, they select the ones that are stage appropriate. Appropriate in being, the best fabric is used for the stage and the length of time the design takes to make is also considered.

Ty Hunter and Raquel broke down the looks of a few of my favourite costumes read some of my favourites below.

The Emilio pucci, costume is breathtaking. The intricacy of the multicoloured beading is what makes the design come to life. It reminds me of an bird in an exotic tropical paradise. The Pucci team also provided Beyonce with different coloured boots.

Another of my faves is the red plaid shirt worn both onstage and in the video of Flawless. I believe every girl should have a plaid shirt and Givenchy works wonders with this one. He added beads and sequin shorts accessorised with the infamous B hat with ears.

Alteriar Verasce also designed for Beyoncé producing the iconic bow down sheer black and white jacket made with leather and crystals.

An interesting part in the show is her James Brown segment. Emilio Pucci designed these fringe dresses for a more 70’s vibe.

The risqué nipple costumes by the blondes NY designers.

Which one would you say is your fave!

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