I Am Not Bossy I Am The Boss



The Message Is Simple “I Am Not Bossy I Am The Boss” Says Beyonce In New PSA

If you thought Beyonce was slowing down her female empowerment message whilst on the Mrs Carter tour you were wrong. The singer joined a PSA movement with Jennifer Garner, Condoleezza Rice and Jane Lynch. Pointing out how girls are discouraged from leadership roles because of name-calling and biased labelling. Beyonce says in the message “Girls are less interested in leadership than boys because they worry about being called bossy”


To some point I agree with the PSA as girls are often reluctant to take charge in situations possibly due to a lack of confidence but I believe it to be due to the more domineering nature of men and the historical/religious role women have been pocketed in for centuries. I remember as a young girl my mother always pushed me to be the best in everything I did, she refused to accept excuses and I believe these are incredible traits to install in a young woman growing up.


The highest and most well paid industry jobs are usually filled by men, whilst we have a slew of bored desperate housewives boosting the economy and her wardrobe spending her husband’s cash on luxury goods. Is that not the customer Chanel pitch their designs to each seaon? Maybe I am being stereotypical but the fact is the male tycoons enjoy making money whilst the wives at home enjoy spending money. Do not get me wrong this theory can be related to all types of jobs not necessarily the high end ones which is why I am taking my point deeper.


In my perspective the role of a female can be looked at from two perspectives, in African culture dated back to the Ancient Egyptians women were worshipped as a symbol of fertility. In Ancient Egypt the first ever female God to be worshipped and highly praised was Isis, her name means the throne and she was referred to as the Queen mother.


My point is how did the female’s image ever get altered from the motherly/fertility role.

Historically women were always seen as the inferior sex, which is largely down to females not having the same physical strength of a man. Women are leaders in their homes is that not enough? There are thousands of single parent families headed by women thousands of women whose husbands cannot live without them due to the fact of being unable to cook, clean or use a washing machine.

We as women are leaders within our homes it is the mothers who are seen as the main nurturer of the child. These are the qualities in my opinion that makes a women a good leader. Men can be good at their financial jobs but they would crumble if faced with the challenges women have at raising leaders.

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