Oscar Review: Lupita Nyongo’s Win


I do not want to take anything away from Lupita Nyogn’o and her Oscar win but can somebody say fix!

It was orchestrated for her to win the Oscar the moment she stepped out on her first red carpet. The public swallowed this girl up literally capitulating her into a star overnight it just goes to show having the right look and fitting a niche makes you individual.

It is no deny the actress is stunning, I have marvelled over her impressive style wardrobe and who knew you could do so many different hair styles with a small mini afro but hey she done it. I have always been the opposite of the norm, they teach us light skin is beautiful yet the lighter skin the more difficult it is for the skin to absorb and deal with the penetrating rays from the sun light. (melanin)

I blogged the speech she gave in which she spoke about her race and skin colour. I think what has made her so successful is her unique beauty that exuberates from the dark complexion of her deep chocolate skin. It is sad to hear that still young girls are insecure about themselves due to the colour of their skin after our ancestors fought so many years for racial equality. I have always been an advocate for black being beautiful.

Hey in my opinion women like Beyonce and Rihanna would be nowhere near as successful as they are, if it was not for their lighter skin tone. With that said I believe it is the blame of the media who continue to poison our minds and feed us images of what we believe to be perfect, beautiful etc. I mean Beyonce has been rocking blonde hair since the beginning of time all a part of her image to make her more appealing to Europeans.

MTV did not play a Michael Jackson video until he was diagonised with vitiligo and his skin started turning whiter during his thriller era, my point is how would only one member in such a large knit of siblings which were ‘The Jacksons’ only have one brother with such a dramatic skin illness.

Lupita though cannot hide behind her hair or colour as it is prominent for the world to see. She has become another symbol for black women around the world, yes you can be black, beautiful and successful. The marginalisation though is unreal, I say all the time where there’s a will theres a way and were we have super talented person, go to any neighbourhood you are bound to find somebody just as good.

In conclusion we are all Lupita, Beyonce or even Michael Jackson if we wanted to be, the mind is the hardest person to accept this fate long before you get your first no at a casting call. I think that black people are always putting themselves down because we do not know how to bring ourselves up, I find it cliché when they say we as black people originated from Kings and Queens but we did.

6 Dynasty’s in Egypt before any European entered the realms of such a magnificent Kingdom, do your research and help support these artists in the right way.

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