Nicki Minaj Pushing Feminism To Far With Track Lookin Ass N*gga

by Affia Keys

Where do I start with Nicki Minaj today first the song then the songs cover!

Nicki Minaj just dropped a song called lookin ass n*gga, which will appear on the Young Money: Rise of an empire compilation album and Nicki’s pink print album. Now the lyrics in the song got me thinking Nicki is mad at somebody. The lyrics to explicit and plain wrong to post basically is Nicki Minaj degrading a man throughout the entire song. I personally think she is referring to her ‘boyfriend’ Safaree ‘SB’ Samuels.

I have spoke about female feminism with Alicia Keys and Beyonce but surely Nicki Minaj is taking this to far? Really you think that low of your man you can degrade him in public. The same man who tattooed your face on his arm. Sorry I’m just saying, if Nicki had a lot of love going down with her man there she wouldn’t be talking like this.

Then secondly after hearing the song and being blinded by Nickin Minaj in a Faster by Mark Fast dress and Versace sculpted platform sandals she then went and released the cover art for the track.

Either Nicki Minaj is crazy or she just wanted to stir up some type of controversy. I saw this picture last night and thought why would SB Nicki Minaj’s rumoured boyfriend be posting such a pic. His clearly blinded by love.

Nicki shot back at critics stating it merely represents the fact she and Malcom X want to take a gun to the haters outside. The haters being the looking at her ‘lookin ass n*ggas.’ Yet Malcom took this picture defending his family from racist thugs who wanted to murder him and his family. Clearly there is no comparison, Onika was just being ignorant, whatever uneducated and culturally insensitive person advised her to do that is beyond me.

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