Black History Month: Harlem Renaissance and Aaron Douglas

by Affia Keys

If you are new to following my blog, you may not know the month of February in the US is dedicated to black history month. I have been posting information about the black figures in history who have inspired me learning loads on the way.

A particular topic I found to be interesting was the Harlem Renaissance, I always wondered what happened to all the slaves? How were they freed & why? Did they just go back into regular society? Well the Harlem Renaissance is the answer for the transition of black culture in modern day society. The Harlem Renaissance redefined how America and the world viewed African Americans.

The Renaissance possessed a defined sociological development raising ethnic pride and racial consciousness. It was also involved literary and artistic movement which was used by the African Americans to prove their humanity and demand for equality.

Aaron Douglas May 26 1989 – February 3 1979 (age 79)

One of the major contributors to the discussion of African-American Renaissance culture was Aaron Douglas who with his artwork used biblical imagery as inspirations to various pieces of art work but with the true African Influence.

Noah’s Ark

Jesus carrying the crucifix

Religious critique during this era was found in literature, art and poetry. The Harlem Renaissance encouraged analytic dialogue that included the open critique and the adjustment of current religious ideas.

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