Alicia Keys Admits Motherhood Has Made Her A Feminist



Superstar Alicia Keys is known for singing about heart break and female empowerment. Her songs represent the voice of women going through some type of change in there lives, be it heart break, relationship advice and families. After giving birth to baby Egypt three years ago and marrying producer Swizz Beatz I did wonder what this meant for Alicia music wise.

In a recent interview she admitted what we already sort of knew was that motherhood turned her into a feminist. It’s nice she is at a place in her life to finally admit what we already knew  because in the past she was ridiculed as a lesbian.


The black feminist movement is becoming a major factor in society these days, whilst I agree yes all women should have equal rights. To me these women are wasting their time defending a racial sex whilst the entire racial equality is still in disarray.That’s another topic but it is good to see artist like Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Queen Latifah standing up with an opinion.


Alicia Keys recently spoke to MSN’s Wonderwall about why she’s become a feminist after becoming a mom. Read extracts from the interview below.

On the most difficult part of motherhood:

“The trickiest part of being a mom is the balancing act of [doing] all the things that I love like producing films … and making music and going on tour. It’s just a balancing act between all the work and family and life and things that all of us, any woman who’s a mother and has a family, understands and has to go through. That’s probably the most difficult part.”

On the part of motherhood that, surprisingly, she finds easiest:

“The most unexpectedly easy part is really — insanely enough — the really early mornings and late nights. [Laughs.]”

On how having a son has made her more of a feminist:

“I am honored to be raising a son and to be the example [for him] of what a woman is, should be or can be — I find that to be a really powerful position. … My mother was an absolute self-pronounced feminist. I think I have that same desire to uplift the female race, so to be able to raise a man who can also uplift and respect women in the world is a really big honor.”

On how her perspective of the world changed when she became a mother:

“Things become so much more poignant and so much more real to you. I’ve always been empathetic. I’ve always been a compassionate human being who sees people in struggle and wants to supply a friendly ear, conversation, assistance, love, a voice, something. …[But] the things that are going on in the world, you feel them more closely knowing that your son or daughter has to go out in that world and win or function or have a positive outcome. So it really does change things so much.”

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