Grace Jones Influences Atelier Versace SS14 Couture With Little Recognition

The night of Versace was all about the blondes, Donatella Versace with her muse Lady Gaga. I get somewhat of an airy chill looking at these photographs. Ghost like possibly due to the pale skin, blonde hair and black clothing. A scene straight out of twilight.

The two were at the debut of The spring couture Atelier Versace, a hooded theme ran throughout in the collection and was influenced by Grace Jones.

Possibly one of the most influential black models of all time. Her images are iconic and Jones can said to be somewhat an influential member of the fashion industry to this date. Grace Jones was born in spanish town jamaica May 1948.

She stood apart from the rest with her strong ancestory African features some would say androgynous. Her signature hood square cut angular padded clothing still is influencing fashion designers today.

Her presence is what intimidates paving the way for black supermodels. This is not the first time Grace Jones has been idolised falsely. This was a feature in a European magazine paying a tribute to Grace Jones.

Fast forward to Atelier Versace Spring Coutore ss14 fashion show. Donatella wanted to design a collection that was powerful, funny Dontella would you put Grace in any of your shows.

Out of the 33 models it was only Maria Borges representing women a colour.

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