Should Kim Kardashian Flaunt Post Pregnancy Curves?


Kim Kardashian as we know has got cake, check her flaunting it with new BFF Blac Chyna on her instagram.
The ladies, dressed in what looks like work out wear both with impressive physiques. I wonder how many squats these chicks do a day? Also what kg?
Keeping up with the Kardashians is one of my favourite guilty pleasures, yet I wonder what message Kim sends across to young impressionable girls. Queen of reality TV Kim Kardashian has it all a loving family, amazing body, a new baby and fiancee rapper Kanye West on her arm. Despite this the socialite appears to only care about her appearance. She continuously said whilst pregnant she can not wait to loose weight. What a job she has, can you imagine what your life would be like if all you had to care about was your appearance?
Not saying she hasn’t got things to do working as a ‘mogul’ alongside her sisters she has a clothing collection with Lipsy and a jewellery collection with Argos but lets just say her work is less hectic than those of us working a 9-5 struggling to stay alive.
In the above photo Kim is wearing wearing a $755 Veronique Leroy Mesh High Neck Long-Sleeve Bodysuit, full length skirt and her favourite Tom Ford Sandals.
It was nice when she was hiding from the paparazzi but like most models with shelves lives lets hope she doesn’t expire before our eyes.

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