Jay Z’s Makes Over $1 Million Profit With Barney’s New York


Hip Hop mogul Jay Z also known as Shawn Carter collaborated with Barney’s  New York over the Christmas holiday in order to help individuals facing socio-economic hardships help further their education at institutions of higher learning.

Barney’s and Jay Z was hit with backlash after racial profiling and discrimination was found to be apparent in the store. Some customers of black origin found themselves to be targeted and abused by the security staff at Barney’s. Black customers were targeted most likely by staff who thought the customer did not have the money to purchase goods from the luxury store.


The Christmas collection from Jay Z “A New York Holiday” collected over $1 million in profits since launching six weeks ago.

It was a shame to hear about the racial profiling from the Barney’s as the move from Jay Z was unselfish. The store was obviously discriminating people from ethnic minorities who might not necessarily look like they have the money to purchase designer clothes.

Despite this Jay Z did not let the haters get there day it was all about the children for higher education and the collection in Barney’s achieved this.



What do you think was Jay Z to continue collaboration with Barney’s New York??

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