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My passion is fashion, my home London. 

Who is Affia Keys?

As a young aspiring writer, I enjoy stirring up debates on controversial topics that get people not only speaking but thinking. The blog name Black Keys derives from the fact we all have opinions and the internet has made it easy for us to ‘key’ those opinions in at anywhere and at any time.

Conversation and controversy is everywhere, the colour black is used as almost a play on words for the topics I will be writing about. This will include all the exciting things I am interested in; Music, Celebrities, Fashion and Black History. The colour black can be seen as negative, however as a black female I feel it is my duty to move and empower a global message about the true connotations attached to this colour.
This blog is about highlighting issues in society today and to reform the masses in the 21 st Century, do not believe everything you read.

Affiakeys aims to inspire a love for natural beauty. It is about celebrating the world’s unique faces and encouraging women to embrace their expensive fashion taste. I find beauty in things that society leads us to ignore. I love to discuss fashion trends past and present, fashion shows from my favourite designers and all the drama that goes down in popular culture. Our aim is to redefine a beauty standard that has been lost in the masses of social media and popular culture. This is done through featuring musical artists that may not receive the same attention in the mainstream media.

All views are my own, so buckle up because I do like to challenge the norm.

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Contact: blackkeysmedia@gmail.com

I am currently seeking, writers and street style photographers who have an interest in celebrity style, high fashion, black culture, magazine edits, styling, hair and interviews I would love to hear from you.

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